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Supermarket Sensor System

Serving as an extra eye, the system extends employees working area, by effectively notifying when customers approaches checkout. The employees can efficiently work between serving customer and working at the ailes.


Improved Efficiency

The cashier’s workflow is optimized as the system will allow efficient work in areas that are out of sight from the checkout area.

Higher Service

Customers will not wait in vain to be served at checkout. The cashier is alerted when the customer approaches the cashier.

Reduced Theft

The employee will be notified of walk through of the checkout when the employee is away and can respond quickly to this.

Less Stress

The cashier will be able to clearly distinguish between tasks, and with peace of mind can go out of sight of the checkout. There will be no reason to worry about neglecting the duty of either providing good service or performing tasks away from checkout.

Expansion of Opening Hours

The cashier can plan and perform opening- and closing tasks while serving the cashier. This means that there will be the opportunity to take advantage of the time gained to expand the shop opening hours.

Securing the Future

Concied and Blue Ocean Robotics see a great potential in the technology. Additional upcoming system features includes technological development in robot technology and big data.

Concied: Who We Are

Concied started as a student project at University of Southern Denmark and revolved into a startup shortly after. Since the two founders founded the company in 2014, the system has been under development through several projects, optimizing it to a perfect state.

Technology and Innovation

The driving forces for developing Concied is the interest for technology, innovation and in how to combine these in order to build useful and successful products.

Our vision lies within building the future retail store. Through technology, we want to revolutionize the retail industry by providing unique solutions to automate, optimize and assist stores to become better.




Regular updates equips our system with the latest antivirus protection and firewall to shield against virus, spyware or malware.



Included is professional installation to ensure the correct setup and optimized usage of the system.



We take pride in our system and its build quality, and that is why we can guarantee a long product life for you.



If the unfortunate happens, we are ready to assist you. We offer phone support and physical mechanical service.

Partner - Blue Ocean Robotics

To guarantee coherence with the future, Concied is collaborating with one of Denmark’s biggest robot companies, Blue Ocean Robotics ApS. They want to be in the forefront of robot technological development and have a wide range of competencies to ensure this.
Blue Ocean Robotics

Highly Qualified Team

Nicklas Simonsen

CEO/ Co-founder

Laust Thomsen

CTO/ Co-founder

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